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Combine Lithium (LiFePO4) and Lead-Acid Batteries in the same system, and charge everything optimally. Introducing the BankManagerPLUS.

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NOTE: This unit supports <200A charging, which is appropriate for 99% of our customers. Using a smaller sensor gives you the most accuracy. (If you decide to upgrade later, it can be done with a very inexpensive part.) If you require a much larger system, please email us first to discuss your order.


The BankManagerPLUS allows you to combine Lithium (LiFePO4) and Lead battery banks together in the same system. This unit works for 12V, 24V, 36V, or 48V systems, and is appropriate for marine, RV, and other off-grid applications.

Note: Installation requires an appropriate contactor, sold separately. (See below.)

$380.00 USD

BankManagerPLUS Contactor

A contactor is required to install your BankManagerPLUS. We offer a high-quality, 300A, continuous-duty bistable contactor specifically made for the BankManagerPLUS. We recommend all users add this item to their order.

If you prefer to supply your own contactor, please contact us about compatibility. Most any normally-open, normally-closed, or bistable contactor will work, though our installation manual is written to accommodate our custom contactors.

$150.00 USD


If you already have a BankManagerPLUS and a contactor in your cart, you have the required number items for your installation. Only add these items to your cart if you want a replacement, or a spare/backup part. If any part of your BankManagerPLUS device order arrived damaged, contact us for a return and replacement.


BankManagerPLUS Circuit Board (Spare/Replacement)

The latest-available version of the BankManagerPLUS software.

IMPORTANT: Technical support is available for existing BankManagerPLUS users who are upgrading or replacing their circuit board with this board. However, due to the complexity of the BankManagerPLUS system, we cannot offer technical support to customers attempting to create a "DIY" battery bank management system using this circuit board!

$250.00 USD

Current Sensor (Spare/Replacement)

Please choose your charging amperage. 200A is adequate for 99% of applications. If you think you need a sensor with higher amperage, please contact us before ordering.

$65.00 USD

BankManagerPLUS Case (Spare/Replacement)

Requires 8 mounting screws, sold separately. (See below.)

$50.00 USD

Rotary Encoder (Spare/Replacement)

The control for the OLED screen, including the wires required to attach it to the circuit board.

$35.00 USD

OLED Screen (Spare/Replacement)

A replacemen OLED screen, including the wires required to attach it to the circuit board.

$40.00 USD

Mounting Screws (Spare/Replacement)

Eight stainless steel mounting screws.

$5.00 USD


If you’re going off the beaten path, and you’re the kind of sailor that likes to carry spares, these might be the packages for you. They contain backups for the core BankManager. You will still need a contactor and spare if you wish.

(Protip: If you’re ever hit by lightning or a voltage spike, you’ll be happy if you’ve wrapped your spares in a plastic wrap, inside aluminum foil, and stored them in a safe, dry place.)

BankManagerPLUS with Basic Replacements (SAVE 10%)

Looking for a system with basic replacements? Bundle and save. Includes: 1 complete BankManagerPLUS system (no contactor), plus spares for each of the following electronic parts:
• OLED screen
rotary encoder
current sensor.

Note: Installation requires an appropriate contactor, sold separately.

Value: $ 520.00 USD
Sale Price: $ 468.00 USD

BankManagerPLUS with ALL Replacements (SAVE 15%)

This bundle includes a spare for every electrical part of the BankManager system. It has a full BankManager system, plus extra:

• circuit board
• OLED screen
• rotary encoder
• current sensor.

Note: Installation requires an appropriate contactor, sold separately.

Value: $ 770.00 USD
Sale Price: $
655.00 USD